Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Want to Hear a Joke?

A man walks into a barber shop.
"Hello,' says the barber, "would you like a hair cut?"
"No," says the man, "I'd like them all cut."

Can you imagine counting all the hairs on your head? It seems impossible. What else do you think it might be difficult to count; the grass, the stars, the cars on the highway?

If you think of something that would be really hard to count please tell us. And tell us if you count something that seems like a lot.

In the meantime: our new friend Zeus got a haircut recently. We don't know how many hairs were cut but he sure looks different!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Not Feeling So Good?

Bessie hasn’t been feeling very well. In this photograph she is waiting for her doctor to help her feel better.
This happens to all of us. Sometimes we just feel sick. We get the sniffles or a tummy ache or something happens that makes us not feel like ourselves.
Even though it’s not much fun, there is an opportunity for counting things even when you’re sick. You can count how many times you’ve read your favorite book, how many spoonfuls of medicine you have taken, you can count how many people have helped you to feel better.
If you have to rest in order to feel better there are plenty of interesting things you can do like drawing, reading, solving puzzles, listening to music, petting your dog.
If you aren't feeling well we hope you feel well very soon. Bessie is now feeling much better!