Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Summer is to Read

There’s a lovely little book called A Hole is to Dig by Ruth Krauss with illustrations by Maurice Sendak. It’s subtitled, ‘A First Book of First Definitions.’ It explains the world in charming and sensible ways such as, A face is so you can make faces; Steps are to sit on; and Dogs are to kiss people. (Obviously!)

We'd like to add, Summer is to read.

Summer is for long books, chapter books, books with beautiful illustrations! Summer is for reading in the grass, or on the sand, or a long car trip, or on your front steps, or sitting very near someone you love while they read to you. Let me see, you may say to them. Or, can we please read one more chapter?

Summer is for trips to the library and a long time there looking and looking and then carrying a big stack of books up to the librarian so you can check them out. Wow, the librarian says, you’re doing a lot of reading. Yes, you say, yes I am.

Summer is to read and read and read. We hope you’re doing just that. And in case you’ve been wondering what Bird is doing with his summer, here’s a picture. You can do this too when you’ve finished reading and are ready to dream your own stories.

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