Friday, May 4, 2012

blue flowers - cynthia-selahblue-cynti19 Wallpaper

Time passes and sometimes we don’t notice. Other times we count every second waiting for something exciting to come or wishing something less interesting would end. Time marches on. Or it drags, the way some children do when they don’t want to go to sleep and they ask for just one more story.

Sometimes something happens that makes time stop. Our dear friend Bird is no longer with us. So we stopped to think about that and because we missed him very much.

We’ve always found that a good book helps when we are feeling lonely or sad or just thoughtful. We've been spending time thinking and remembering, drawing and painting, writing and reading. The one good thing about sadness is that it makes us appreciate happiness.
We hope you are happy and if not, make a drawing, do some reading, it will help the time to pass.

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