Sunday, August 19, 2012

Happy to Know You!

Introducing Zeus! Yes, a new dog has entered our lives. Zeus is a Standard Poodle although he has a little Golden Retriever mixed in which may account for his fabulous multi-colored coat. Zeus is a young dog and full of energy and excitement. He is great fun and a fine new friend.

In this photograph Zeus is outside. He seems very interested in something. Have you ever put your nose to the ground like a dog? Try it sometime and you’ll know a little bit more about what dogs know about the world. It's green down there.

We think sniffing the grass might be something like reading a long and interesting story. No wonder dogs are often so anxious to go out for a walk or nose around in the backyard.

If you have a dog, take them out so they can read the world. If you don’t have a dog, take yourself out and read, read, read.

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