Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The world is an exciting place and every day our experiences cause us to have many different feelings. When we tell a story or make a picture it is a way of saying what is important to us, what is beautiful to us and what is true for us.

We might make a drawing of our cat asleep because we want to understand how to be still. We paint a picture of a very tall tree because we want to understand how to be strong, or we write a story about a girl on an adventure because we feel restless
Sometimes a person or a thing or an idea causes us to want make a picture or write. We look at a vase of flowers or we see something in a window or we watch our dog and we are filled with excitement and curiousity. This is called inspiration and it means that we want to celebrate something we love.

Here is a last picture of Bessie who is no longer with us. She was beautiful and true which is why we put her in our book where now, even though she is gone, we can always find her.

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