Monday, June 23, 2014

Mary of Exeter & Sargent Stubby

Did you know that both birds and dogs have served in the military? These animals have helped countries and their soldiers perform their jobs, kept us safe and provided valuable information.

This is a photo of a Carrier Pigeon named Mary of Exeter who carried important documents and secret messages during World War ll. She traveled many times between England and France wearing a small packing tube on her back with the important information inside. Mary of Exeter was awarded a medal for special service.


Dogs have worked in the military too. Here’s Sargent Stubby who served for five years during the first World War. He was most excellent at finding wounded soldiers by listening for their American voices. He received many honors and was a brave and loyal dog.

Today dogs continue to play a valuable role in the military. We are grateful for their service and hope everyone comes home soon.


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