Sunday, July 20, 2014

What to Read in the Middle of Summer?

 A Book about Snow of course!
After reading an interesting, grown-up piece of writing by the writer Aimee Bender about her favorite children’s book, I was thinking about my own very favorite children’s book which is called, The Snowy Day. The man who wrote the book also made the pictures that go along with the story. His name is Ezra Jack Keats. 
               The Snowy Day is about a boy who has an exciting adventure in the snow. It might seem funny to talk about a snowy day in the middle of summer, but any time of year is a perfect time for a quiet, beautiful book about thinking and playing which is what The Snowy Day is all about. My favorite moment is when the boy is in the bathtub at the end of his busy day.
Would you like to hear and see the book? You can visit the website about the writer and artist Ezra Jack Keats to hear his wonderful book The Snowy Day, read aloud. Here's the address:
This website has a lot of other nice things to do including showing you how to make your own books which sounds like lots of fun.
If you are a grown up, you can read Bender’s thoughts about the book, Good Night Moon,here.
If you are a child, after you read The Snowy Day, please find a copy of Good Night Moon by Margaret Wise Brown. And read some more!


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