Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Look What I Found!

We like collecting things that are interesting to us, like old bottles or pictures of birds, seashells, sticks. We say, look what I found, isn’t it interesting?

The world is an amazing place and if you find something you like such as a piece of colorful string or a beautiful rock you must investigate. You must ask where did this come from, how did it get here, and what is it for? The answers will only make you more interested in what you’ve found.

You will be able to tell stories and make drawings of the things that you collect.

For example you might learn that the beautiful rock is very, very old. Or that the colorful string was made in a different country far, far away.

Once you know the answers you can share with someone else what you have learned. They will probably tell you something they know and you will have a wonderful conversation about your collection of wonderful things.

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