Thursday, September 1, 2016

How Does it Happen?

Do you know what a procedure is? A procedure is the way something gets done.
If you want to call someone on the phone, you must dial their phone number,
that's the only way you will be able to talk to your friend or your grandma or your dog.

We have a procedure that we use to create our books.
It involves talking and drawing and writing and looking.
Here are some examples of how a drawing was created.
The artist looked at the dog. The artist took a photograph
of the dog so that she would remember certain details.
But she also did quick sketches to capture the dog's nature. 
One drawing she made with a pencil. The other drawing was
made using ink.

Don't you wonder who this interesting creature is? Wouldn't you like to know this dog's story?
If you like, write a story about this dog and we'll post it on our blog for others to read and enjoy! You can also tell us about the procedure you used to create your story.

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